image of a Holstein calf standing on the straw

Inbreeding to Blame for Embryonic Losses?

Recent evidence has suggested that some of the decline in reproductive ability in dairy cattle has been caused by embryonic death. In the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council’s June 2015 Newsletter, DCRC shares a research summary on inbreeding and embryonic losses.  Researchers at the University of Wisconsin compared expected genomic inbreeding from sire — dam mating […]

a mother cow and baby calf grazing on the grass

Uterine Size Impacts Dairy Fertility

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, recently evaluated whether uterine size had an impact on lactating cow fertility. The results were published online June 3, 2015, in the Journal of Theriogenology. In Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council’s June 2015 e-newsletter, they share researchers found that multiparous cows had a larger uterus and lower fertility than first-calf […]

Cow laying in the straw

Determining Bovine Pregnancy Status

Maintaining a successful reproductive program on today’s dairies is an arduous task. While it is rewarding to hear a pronouncement of pregnancy, there is not much the manager can do with that diagnosis. Except wait. Wait to recheck later to make sure the calf is growing. Wait for a calf to be born. So while […]

a vet artificially inseminating a cow

Artificial Insemination Certification Program

The Artificial Insemination Certification Program is geared at educating beef and dairy producers on how to artificially inseminate their own cattle.  During the course producers will learn: The benefits of using artificial insemination instead of a bull The importance of proper heat detection and the tools available to help you better heat detect Various estrous synchronization […]


Impact of Mastitis on Reproductive Performance

On many dairy farms, reproductive failure and the occurrence of mastitis are two of the most common management problems. Risk factors for mastitis and reproductive disorders are similar, and it can be difficult to determine the specific impact of mastitis on reproductive performance. Age of cow, heat stress, occurrence of metabolic diseases, immune suppression in […]