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2019 April Dairy Situation & Outlook

Dairy Situation and Outlook, April 22, 2019 Bob Cropp, Professor Emeritus University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension/University of Wisconsin-Madison Milk production in March fell 0.4% below a year ago. This follows a 0.9% more milk than a year ago in January and just 0.1% more milk for February. Milk cow numbers which have been declining since […]

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Finding the Balance-Management of Calf Health Versus Cost of Production

Margins in the dairy industry continue to tighten. Dairy farms are seeking opportunities to control costs, but also maximize the health of their heifers as dairy replacements are the foundation for genetic progress and improvement of the herd. Since 1997, UW-Extension has sought to provide economic information on dairy replacements with four unique replications of […]

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Shedding light on common calf procedures

Dairy veterinarians, nutritionists, extension agents, and consultants all strive to assist their farm clients in the creation of dairy farm protocols to maximize the success of their calf programs. However, protocol modifications and procedural drift occur regardless of the best intentions as farm circumstances change in relation to employees, seasons, and calves needing care. The UW-Extension Preweaned Calf Health Management Survey sought to understand actual calf […]

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How Real Farms Are Raising Calves

When UW-Extension agriculture agents collected data from 26 farms, they found it cost $6.35 per day to raise a calf on an automated group feeding system and $5.84 to raise a calf on an individual feeding system.  A preweaned calf health management survey was conducted simultaneously on 12 of the 26 Wisconsin farms. In the October 10, 2018 Hoard’s Dairyman article How […]