Evaluating Milking Performance Video Series

UW Milk Quality and the UW Milking Research and Instruction Laboratory bring you a new YouTube video series on evaluating milking performance.  Throughout the series, you will learn how to perform various milking time tests to assess the goal of milking cows quickly, completely and gently.


In the first episode Measuring Claw Vacuum, Dr. Doug Reinemann and researcher John Penry show you how to set up, execute and evaluate testing average claw vacuum in your milking system in a number of different ways and techniques.  Measuring average claw vacuum is the most important and direct measurement of the performance of the milking machine.


For more information regarding milk quality, please visit UW-Milk Quality or contact UW-Extension Milk Quality Specialist Pam Ruegg.  For more information regarding milking systems, please visit UW Milking Research and Instruction Laboratory or contact UW-Extension Milking Systems Specialist Doug Reinemann.

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