Evaluating the Economic Value of Changing the Reproductive Management Program for Specific Dairy Farm

Dairy farm profitability depends on a herd’s reproductive performance, but this relationship is complex. Farmers and consultants can easily assess reproductive performance by benchmarking pregnancy rate (i.e., 21-d pregnancy rate) or other reproductive metrics, but they find it difficult to measure the economic impact (e.g., profitability) of changes in reproductive outcomes, alternative reproductive management programs, or reproductive management decisions that affect individual cows.

Developed by UW-Extension Dairy Management Specialist Victor Cabrera, Wisconsin-Cornell Dairy Repro:  A Reproductive Programs Economics Analysis Tool was created to help assist dairy farm managers in making better decisions regarding the economics of reproductive management.  To learn more about the evaluating the economic impact of adopting new strategies or technologies for dairy reproductive management, please visit Dairy Extension or UW-Extension Dairy Management.

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