June 2015 Dairy Situation & Outlook

Professor Bob Cropp’s June 2015 Dairy Situation & Outlook full report is now available for download at UW Understanding Dairy Markets.  Also, for a video podcast including Dr. Bob Cropp and Dr. Mark Stephenson discussing the June 2015 Dairy Situation & Outlook, please visit Program on Dairy Markets & Policy.

The following is a portion of the report:

Dairy product prices and milk prices continue to hold up better than expected. Dairy product prices on the CME have bounced around during June, but will average a little higher for the month. On the CME butter started the month at $2.00 per pound, declined to $1.80 per pound, rebound to $1.90 and is now $1.895. Cheese prices were holding steady up until now. The 40-pound cheddar block price started the month at $1.77 per pound, declined to $1.71 per pound and rebound to $1.78. But, since then the price has fallen $0.0925 to $1.685. Cheddar barrels started the month at $1.72 per pound, declined to $1.70 and rebound to $1.755. But, like blocks it has fallen by $0.105 to $1.68. Both nonfat dry milk and dry whey have shown some weakness during the month with nonfat dry milk now at $0.87 per pound and dry whey at $0.44 per pound. The June Class III could still end up near $16.70, the highest this year. The June Class IV price will be near $13.85.

For more information regarding dairy markets, please contact UW-Extension Dairy Markets Specialist Brian Gould or visit UW-Extension Understanding Dairy Markets.

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