Mastitis & Milk Quality Collection-Journal of Dairy Science

UW-Extension Milk Quality Specialist Pamela Ruegg has compiled a list of Journal of Dairy Science articles that illustrate key concepts in the understanding and control of mastitis.  The papers represent the evolution of mastitis over more than half a century.  To view the papers, please visit Journal of Dairy Science’s Mastitis & Milk Quality Collection.

UW-Milk Quality promotes an integrated, team-based approach to best manage udder health and milk quality.  Producing high quality milk is not a one-person job.  It takes farmers and their local dairy advisors to be able to evaluate, manage and improve milk quality.  At UW-Milk Quality, we develop tools and resources to help dairy producers meet their milk quality goals and increase farm profitability.

For more information regarding milk quality, please visit UW-Milk Quality or contact UW-Extension Milk Quality Specialist Pam Ruegg.  For more information regarding milking systems, please visit UW Milking Research and Instruction Laboratory or contact UW-Extension Milking Systems Specialist Doug Reinemann.

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