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What is 2019 Standing Alfalfa Worth?

One of the challenges when pricing standing hay is the lack of a formal commodity market like we have for corn or soybeans. Another challenge is multiple cuttings during the same growing season versus a single year-end harvest for grain crops often with more variation in quality, as well as yield. As a result, the […]

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4-State Dairy Nutrition Conference

Learn the latest information in dairy nutrition and management by attending the 2019 Four-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference on June 12 and 13 at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa. This premier conference will feature information on dealing with today’s economic environment and the newest research to improve profit. Elanco animal health’s pre-conference […]

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2019 March Dairy Situation & Outlook

Dairy Situation and Outlook, March 19, 2019 By Bob Cropp, Professor Emeritus University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension University of Wisconsin-Madison Good news for improved milk prices is milk production continues to slow. For the last quarter of 2018 milk production was just 0.5% above a year earlier. January’s production was up 0.9%, and February was […]

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Finding the Balance-Management of Calf Health Versus Cost of Production

Margins in the dairy industry continue to tighten. Dairy farms are seeking opportunities to control costs, but also maximize the health of their heifers as dairy replacements are the foundation for genetic progress and improvement of the herd. Since 1997, UW-Extension has sought to provide economic information on dairy replacements with four unique replications of […]

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2019 February Dairy Situation & Outlook

Dairy Situation and Outlook, February 20, 2019 By Bob Cropp, Professor Emeritus University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension | University of Wisconsin-Madison USDA released the December milk production. January milk production will be released on March 12th and February production on March 19th. December milk production was just 0.5% higher than a year ago from 49,000 fewer […]