The Ideal Footbath

A footbath is one of the most important tools used on farms to prevent lameness and maintain hoof health. When used properly and paired with a disinfectant, a footbath can prevent and control foot rot and digital dermatitis on dairy farms. Recently, the recommendations for footbath dimensions have changed after new research was conducted at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine.

In the factsheet Ideal Footbath UW-Extension Outagamie County Dairy & Livestock Agent Zen Miller describes the proper installation and use of foot baths on dairy farms and the prevention of lameness in dairy cattle. Specific topics covered include:

  • New footbath recommendations
  • Footbath location
  • Retrofitting your current footbath

Ideal Footbath is one of several factsheets in a hoof health series called “Walking Strong” developed by UW-Extension Dairy Team members.  Other factsheets include:

For more information regarding hoof health and/or animal well-being, visit UW-Extension Animal Well-being and Herd Health.

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