Uterine Size Impacts Dairy Fertility

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, recently evaluated whether uterine size had an impact on lactating cow fertility. The results were published online June 3, 2015, in the Journal of Theriogenology.

In Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council’s June 2015 e-newsletter, they share researchers found that multiparous cows had a larger uterus and lower fertility than first-calf heifers. And they learned that, within a parity, pregnant cows generally had a smaller uterus than non-pregnant cows. Analyses showed that as uterine size increased, fertility decreased for either first lactation or multiparous cows.

Therefore, the researchers conclude that there is a negative association between size of the uterus and fertility in dairy cows.

For more information regarding the project please review the Journal of Theriogenology abstract or contact UW-Madison Department of Dairy Science’s Milo Wiltbank.

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