UWEX Offers Dairy Farm Employee Workshop on Calf Management & the Use of ATP Meters for Equipment Cleaning Protocols

Measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a common method food processors and health care industries are using to measure the effectiveness of their cleaning procedures. An ATP meter measures organic material present on surfaces which otherwise appear to be clean to the naked eye.   The Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has adapted ATP usage to on-farm calf sanitation audits, in order to identify areas where cleanliness can be improved. The UW-Extension of Jackson and Trempealeau Counties will offer a workshop for dairy farm employees on these topics on Thursday February 16th from 1 – 3 p.m. in the afternoon in Alma Center at the VFW Post, 111 E. Main Street. Lunch will be served at 12:30 at each location.

Meeting topics will reinforce the importance of cleaning protocols for calf health, processing the newborn calf.  Learn how ATP meters can be used to evaluate effectiveness of calf equipment cleaning. Speakers are Eliza Ruzic, Nutritionist VitaPlus and Steve Okonek, Ag Agent UW-Extension.

There is no program fee for the meetings, but registration is appreciated for lunch count.  Dairy farm owners/managers are also welcome to attend.  The program is offered in Spanish upon request.  For more information or to register, contact either the Jackson County UW-Extension office (715) 284-4257 or Trempealeau County UW-Extension 715-538-2311 ext. 208.

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