(5K through 2nd Grade)

Children can begin 4-H at a very young age with the Cloverbud program.  Because they are younger, it is important to find activities suited to their age and skills.

4-H Cloverbuds programs are activity-focused and not project-focused and built on cooperative learning, rather
than competitive activities. 4-H Cloverbuds members participate in occasional, non-competitive, sampler-type,
age-appropriate, events or activities sponsored or conducted by 4-H groups.

Upcoming Dane County 4-H Cloverbud Events

Building a Safe and Positive Cloverbud Experience

A young child doesn’t need a subject expert or even an expert in 4-H – they need you to provide a safe and supportive experience that guides them in exploring new things and having fun.

Activities are tools to engage children in learning – the focus of the experience should be positive youth development.

Please refer to the Essential Elements for Cloverbud Programs and the Cloverbud Leader Guide for support in designing a Cloverbud learning experience.

Wisconsin 4-H Cloverbud Learning Activities  

Wisconsin Cloverbud learning activities can be used in a variety of settings, including 4-H club meetings, Cloverbud project meetings, day camps and afterschool programs.

Each activity features a different 4-H project area and targets the development of developmentally appropriate life skills. The instructions were tested to be easy to follow for both youth and adult leaders, using materials that are relatively low-cost and easy to obtain.

While each of the activities could be used as stand-alone, they are grouped together for year-long sequence of Cloverbud activities. You can download the activities from the WI 4-H Cloverbud Learning Activities website.

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