4-H members like you do awesome things every year. Keeping track of what you do in 4-H can help you to talk about your accomplishments with others. Many members keep track of what they did with a 4-H record book.

This page includes manuals and training materials that explain more about the different ways you can track your accomplishments and apply for awards. See the manual section below.

Youth have the opportunity to apply for many awards and educational travel experiences. The due date for these forms is the Tuesday after Labor Day each year. See below for the forms and applications.

Clubs can apply for Endowment Grants to fund service learning projects. The application is due November 15. See below for the application and more information.

4-H Graduation and Scholarship Presentation

Congratulations to our 2021 4-H Graduates, Scholarship and Key Award Recipients. We are proud of your accomplishments and wish you all the best in the future!



Record Book Manual – updated 12.2020
Permanent Record Manual
Special Awards Manual
Trips Manual
Award Application Help Sheet
Action Verbs by Use Category

4-H Project Record Training Materials

Junior Record Book Better Example – rev 2019
Junior Record Book Poor Example
Jr. Record Book Poor Example Evaluation
Intermediate Record Book Better Example – rev 2019
Int. Record Book Poor Example
Int. Record Book Poor Example Evaluation
Senior Record Poor Example
4-H Beginners Slideshow – rev 2019

Record Book

Please color coordinate these forms if/when you use them.

Need Record Book pages or Permanent Record books? Use this link to order pages from the Dane County 4-H Office. We will organize curbside pickup.
Request Record Book Pages or Permanent Record Books

Front and Back (dark green cardstock) – available at the 4-H Office
Cumulative Record of Awards  (green cardstock) – available at the 4-H Office
Picture Page (green) – doc
Picture Page  (green) – pdf
Activity Summary – Word Document  (pink)
Activity Summary (pdf file)  (pink)
Junior Project Record Pages (cream) – word doc
Junior Project Record Pages  (cream) – pdf
Junior Record Book Evaluation Form (cream)
Intermediate Project Record Pages   (blue) – doc
Intermediate Project Record Pages (blue) – pdf
Intermediate Record Book Evaluation  (blue)
Senior Record Book Pages – updated 12/2020 (green) – doc
Senior Record Book Pages – updated 12/2020(green) – pdf
Senior Record Book Evaluation – updated 12/2020 (green) – pdf

Awards Request Forms

2021 YOUTH Awards Request Form word document
2021 YOUTH Awards Request Form pdf file
Dane County 4-H Project Awards Request for Leaders – Project Record & Participation Forms
Dane County 4-H Project Awards Request for Leaders – Special Awards


Junior & Senior Leadership Application – word document
Citizenship Community Service Application – word document
Junior & Senior Achievement Application – word document


2022 Dane County 4-H Scholarship Application – Fillable Final – fillable pdf

Award Application Help Sheet

Scholarships Available Through the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation:

ME (Member’s Evaluation) Form

ME Form – pdf (Member’s Evaluation Form)
ME Form – Word Document
Key Award Evaluation Form

Educational Experiences – refer to Trips Manual for more information

Citizenship Washington Focus (grades 10-12)
National 4-H Conference (grades 10-12)
National 4-H Congress (grades 10-12)

Trip Evaluation Form


Cloverbud Certificate Template – Word Document
Cloverbud Certificate Template – PDF

Endowment Grant – Due November 15!

4-H Endowment Grant Application 2021-2022 – word document
4-H Endowment Grant Application 2021-2022 – pdf file

Planning your Endowment Grant Project:

The Endowment committee is interested in funding projects that involve a service learning component that goes beyond community service. What is the difference?

Community Service: Community service is volunteer work 4-H youth do in their communities. Examples may include participating in a food drive, picking up trash along a roadway, or singing at a nursing home. Community service involves 4-H members sharing their time or resources with others in the community.
Service Learning: A 4-H service-learning project is a “hands-on” experience that involves youth using their knowledge, skills, critical thinking and wise judgment to address a real need or opportunity in their community! This “learning by doing” approach involves youth in interacting directly with the project’s audience, leading to more meaningful experiences. With guidance from one or more 4-H volunteer leaders, 4-H members identify a need or opportunity, select and plan a project, set goals for their learning, take action to implement the project, reflect on how serving changed them and others, communicate their results, and celebrate their accomplishments.

These resources can help you plan a project with service learning components that meet the criteria to be eligible for an Endowment grant:

Getting your Endowment Grant Display ready for the Fair:

What is expected of us if we are awarded a grant?

  • Acknowledge the support of the Dane County 4-H Leaders Association Endowment in the publicity for the project.
  • A presentation of the funded project must be ready for display during Dane County Fair the year following the awarded grant. Please specify “Booth – Department 32” when completing the Entry Form to display your project. Use pictures, posters, props, whatever tools will best show your club’s success with this project. Let the community see “wow, 4-H does that!” Be creative! Failure to present the display will result in your club not being eligible to receive this grant for two years.
  • Return completed Accountability Statement, including documentation of expenses, as in cancelled checks, receipts, copies of invoices, to the Administration Office on the Dane County Fair Grounds (Alliant Energy Center, Exhibition Hall, 2nd floor) after your club has set up its display.

Accountability Form for Endowment

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