Communication Arts

Save the Date:  Communications Arts Festival will be held Sunday, April 14th.

Do you like to speak in front of an audience?  Do you want to get more practice feeling comfortable presenting in front of a crowd?  Join other 4-H members at the Communications Arts Festival on Sunday April 14 2019. The fun will be held at the Fen Oak 4-H office with check in beginning at 1pm. The presenters will start at 1:30pm This is a pre-fair event open to all 4-H members  (including Cloverbuds!) so they can practice the life skill of speaking in public and get great judge feedback. Cloverbuds may sign up for one event. Third graders and up can select up to two events. If you have questions please reach out to Sarah Wanish, with Comm. Arts Festival in subject line, at

Here is the link, which will be open until April 7th, to sign up with instructions.

The link to register will be:

Registration Instructions:

  1. 4-H members will “sign in with 4HOnline”, using their 4-H enrollment email and password.
  2. Select the youth to submit entry for
  3. Select ‘Entries’ at the top registration bar
  4. Select Department: Communications, Demonstrations & Presentations
  5. Select: A. Communications Arts Festival
  6. Choose
  7. Select the Lot youth will participate in
  8. Continue
  9. Select This Club (blue)
  10. Answer (5) presentation questions for each Lot entry
  11. When complete Submit Entry
  12. Email confirmation will be sent to the email address on file for the account
  13. Dane County Fair entry staff or Festival Superintendent will follow up with any further questions

Here is a wide variety of opportunities to challenge yourself to let your voice be heard….


Demonstration How to “make” a project or “do” an activity in any project area. A planned demonstration that takes the audience through the complete process with an introduction, body and summary.
Illustrated Talk, Power Point Use of visuals, posters, etc. with a talk. A planned presentation with an introduction, body and summary on any subject.
Original Speech Written by the speaker on any topic. Notes may be used.
Interpretive Reading Any piece or collection of prose or poetry. Participant may write their own. Material is read with personal interpretation. Pieces may be combined to meet time requirements.
Memorized Prose, Poetry,or Story Any piece of literature from memory. Participant selects written prose or poetry or writes their own. Material needs to be presented without notes in an interpretive fashion.
Radio Broadcast Participant prepares a newscast about a variety of 4-H events or issues (club, county, state or national). Evaluations will be based on story quality, transition from story to story, how close to target length and effective use of voice. Judge will not be in eye contact with presenter
Extemporaneous Speech Participant selects a topic “from a hat” and will have at least 15 minutes to write their speech before it is presented. Topics will include subjects dealing with 4H or current events. Notes may be used for the presentation.
Clowning Individual or group presentations.

Here is a guideline for types of speeches and how long they can be.

Cloverbud Any Topic 1-2 minutes
3rd, 4th Demonstration, Illustrated Talk, Power Point 2-5 minutes
3rd, 4th Broadcast 2-3 minutes
5th, 6th, 7th Demonstration, Illustrated Talk, Power Point 5-10 minutes
5th, 6th, 7th Original Speech, Interpretive Reading, Memorized, Extemp 3-5 minutes
5th, 6th, 7th Broadcast 4 min. 20 seconds
8th Grade & Over Demonstration, Illustrated Talk, Power Point 10-12 minutes
8th Grade & Over Original Speech, Interpretive Reading, Memorized, Extemp 5-10 minutes
8th Grade & Over Broadcast 6 min. 40 seconds
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Clowning 5-10 minutes
8th Grade & Over Clowning 10-15 minutes

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