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4-H is the nation’s largest youth development and empowerment organization. 4-H programming aims to engage youth in activities to increase their leadership, communication and critical thinking skills. Our programs center on the 4-Hs—head, heart, hands and health. This is the foundation for everything we do.

4-H has volunteers who serve as mentors for 4-H youth. They help provide a safe, engaging place for youth to take risks, practice their independence and master new skills.

4-H does not have specific membership requirements. All youth from Kindergarten through Grade 13 are welcome to join. Unlike other clubs 4-H does not divide activities by gender and we offer graduated experiences to youth in different “ages and stages” of development. Whatever you love to do, you can find it here.

Joining 4-H can be as simple as attending one of our events or a club meeting with a friend who is already a member of 4-H. Club meetings are open to the public.  We’re happy to have you!

Interested in Joining 4-H, but need more information?

If you’re looking for a club experience, your first step is to talk with a 4-H educator to share your interests and learn which club or program fits best fits. Start that conversation by filling out our Dane County 4-H Interest Form

Know your preferred club and ready to sign up?

4-H Online is our easy tool for getting registered as a member and becoming affiliated with a club.

Not a kid? Want to Volunteer?

Volunteers help make 4-H possible. Extension volunteers work with staff to deliver educational programs using University and other high-quality educational resources. Share your interest by filling out our Dane County 4-H Interest Form

Learn more about 4-H!

Dane County 4-H Family Handbook 2021-2022
Dane County 4-H Project Guide 2021-2022
Dane County 4-H Clubs and Involvement 2020-2021

Enroll in 4-H Today!  Enrollment Website:

  • Your family login will be the same as you used last year in 4HOnline. If your password does not work, click on the Reset Password link on the login page and you will be emailed a new one.
  • Use the Family Enrollment Guide if you have any questions during the enrollment process.
  • Youth will need to choose projects at the point of enrollment. Please review the list of 4-H Projects available in Dane County ahead of time with your youth. Their project list will not carry over from last year, but is available in the member’s history.
  • Adding/deleting projects after enrollment approval will need to be done through the 4H Office. Please send any adjustment information to (A future update should allow members to do this.)

Reach out for more information on club contact information – or 608-224-3705

Additional Enrollment Materials

WI 4-H Family Enrollment Guide
4-H Dates & Deadlines To Remember 2021.2022
2021-2022 4-H Enrollment Dues Information
Financial Assistance Request for Enrollment Fees

In the event that a member/leader is unable to pay the club enrollment fee, please contact the Dane County 4-H Office. The Dane County 4-H Program is open to all regardless of the ability to pay.

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