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2019 FALL Dane County 4-H Performers Festival

Calling all Dane County 4-H members who love to perform!

Mark your calendars! The 2019 FALL Dane County 4H Performers Festival is scheduled for Sunday, November 10, 2019 at 2:00pm.

Location: Oakwood Village West Theater, 6205 Mineral Point Road, Madison.

There will be no act evaluation or judging at the fall festival. This is a fun, relaxed setting where youth can try out new acts and gain confidence.

Registration is open! Click here to join in the fun

Please plan to be set up and ready by 1:50pm. You may arrive at Oakwood Village West at 1:15pm to get acquainted with the stage.  Groups are expected to watch each other and to stay in the theater during the entire festival.  Food and drink are not allowed in or outside the theater. You can bring water in a closed water bottle.  Please be respectful as we want to be awesome guests of this facility!

Each performance should be registered separately.

There will be a piano available and two microphones set up.  You must bring all other equipment you need for your performance.

Parking directions and schedule will be sent to performers before the festival.

Registration Deadline is November 4, 2019.

Contact Karyn Saemann at or 608-239-2222 if you have any questions.


FALL Performance Guidelines

  1. All performances should be 4-H appropriate and must have been specifically prepared by 4-H members/leaders. No specific theme is required.
  2. Performances will not be categorized by age or grade of participants. For FALL Performers Festival: Because the acts are not being evaluated, 4-H members may invite friends to perform with them. All acts must have at least one 4-H member involved.   Participants may include Cloverbuds.
  3.  Time Limit: Maximum of 10 minutes for individuals and 15 minutes for groups. This time limit includes set up and take down. Please limit performances to 2 songs.
  4. A play may be an already existing play, a play adapted to the club, a play written by members of the club, or an original pantomime.  Puppets and marionettes may also be used.
  5. Each group is responsible for setting up and taking down its own props. Any mess made must be cleaned up before leaving the stage area and before the next act.
  6. As a courtesy to other performers, participants are encouraged to support other groups by being a part of the audience. Clubs are encouraged to promote the Festival to total club membership and local community.
  7. Please do not exit or enter during a performance.



  1. To have a group activity which will be fun and involve all or as many club members as possible in a cooperative venture.  Working together on a production builds friendships and helps a club become more closely knit.
  2. To develop imagination and stimulate creative instinct.
  3. To increase self-confidence of participants.
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