2020 Virtual Baked Potato Challenge

The 2020 Baked Potato Challenge was a success. While the Dane County Fair was cancelled, baked potato enjoyment was not! Check out the gallery of baked potato creations made at home. Participants loaded the potatoes with their favorite ingredients, and uploaded a picture. All entries impressed the judges and winners are announced in many potatorific categories.


Purple Power Potato Award–Haley
Cutest Couple Award–Philly and Thomas
Meat Me At The Fair–Alicia Vaughn
Making The Best Better–Aiden
Tater and Tot Award–Kelsey
Spirit of 4-H Award–DJ
Green Since 1902 Award–Dane
Pork Princess Potato Award–Payton
Prestigious Potato Award–Jason
Say Cheese Award–Aaron
Dairy Delight Award–Christina
Pork Power Potato Award–Gwen


Cooking instructions for a large potato:

Oven–wash and wrap your potato in foil.
Place in 400 degree pre-heated oven.
Cook for 45 minutes-1 hour; until knife goes in easily.


Microwave–wash potato and prick with fork tines.
Place on plate.
Cook on high for 5 minutes.
Turn over and cook for another 5 minutes.

Slice open, fluff the inside, and load with favorite toppings.

The Dane County 4-H Potato Stand uses all real items:  butter, cheddar cheese, onions, bacon and sour cream.

Upload a picture of your potato

Visit these websites to learn more about potatoes and toppings:
Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association
Wisconsin Pork Association
Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

Each year the potato stand/ice cream stand is set up by a committee of adult 4-H volunteers.  Dane County 4-H youth sign up for shifts to run the stand and prepare potatoes to order for the fair goers.

The proceeds from the stand fund education scholarships and program financial assistance distributed by the Dane County 4-H Leaders Association.  The education scholarships are awarded based on 4-H participation, leadership, and community service.  Up to twelve scholarships are awarded each year; each scholarship is $1,000.

Interested in supporting 4-H? Without the Dane County Fair, we have lost our sole fundraiser for the scholarship program.  If you are able to offer us financial support, donate to 4-H online or send a check to Dane County 4-H, 5201 Fen Oak Drive, Suite 138, Madison, WI 53718.

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