Organic Vegetable Production Conference

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February 3, 4, 7, & 8 2022  Ι  Online

This producer-initiated conference is designed for advanced growers and attracts participants from throughout the Midwest and beyond.

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“After attending several conferences in the Midwest, the in-depth information provided at this conference has been more valuable to me and my farm operation than any other event.”  – Allison Stawara, MSU North Farm at UPREC

“You won’t find better handouts at any other conference.  You’ll spend more time engaging and less time furiously taking notes, because it’s been done for you.” – Laurel Blomquist, Gwenyn Hill Farm

“Love this conference! I learn so much from so many experienced farmers in one place!”  – Tracy Vinz, Olden Organics

“This conference has the technical details that other organic conferences sometimes lack.” – Sam Knapp, Root Cellar Farm

“As a somewhat seasoned farmer, but new to farming in the Midwest, this conference was beyond valuable for setting me up for success and connecting me to a knowledgeable community of growers!”  – Deb Moses, Cliffbrake Farm

“The handouts alone are worth the cost of the conference. Side by side comparisons of farms of different sizes/contexts with VERY comprehensive prompts/questions.”  – Evan Barry, Down River Farm

“The worst thing about this conference is that all the sessions are so good it makes it really hard to choose!” – Liz Graznak, Happy Hollow Farm

“I love this conference because it fills the ‘pro-level’ niche.”   – Katie Bishop, PrairiErth Farm

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