Edible Startup Summit 2017


The Edible Startup Summit, a 2-day workshop for food startup entrepreneurs will be held November 17 & 18 at the American Family Training Center, in Madison WI (6000 American Parkway).

This workshop will provide food entrepreneurs with information critical to starting and maintaining a successful business . The event features speakers, panel discussions, networking opportunities, one on one consultations with business professionals and product demonstrations.

You can view last years presentations HERE.

Edible Startup Summit Program Agenda

The main sessions for this years’ Summit will cover:

  • Trends in the food sector
  • Business and financial planning
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneur panel “Getting Started: product development, business planning, and marketing”
  • Entrepreneur panel “Scaling up: distribution, social media & business sustainability.”

Small group sessions, designated as “lightning workshops” will be led by industry experts. Lighting workshops will be offered on a host of topics, including business incorporation, licensing, food safety, social media, working with retailers, working with distributors, and financing your enterprise.

For more information about the Edible Startup Summit, please contact:

Dane County UW-Extension: Sharon Lezberg at 608-224-3719 or Lezberg.Sharon@countyofdane.com

DATCP: Kietra Olson at 608-224-5112 or kietra.olson@Wisconsin.gov