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Extension-Sponsored Webinars

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension will host a two-part webinar to kick off a series on the topics of food safety during COVID19 and processing/manufacturing and licensing requirements for small scale food entrepreneurs in Wisconsin.

Webinar 1: July 13, 9:00 a.m. Food safety document development for small food processors, killing two birds with one stone: FSMA compliance and COVID-19 preparedness
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Abby Snyder, Food Safety Specialist, Cornell University will discuss the basic requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and how to prepare your business to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Small-scale food producers must complete required documentation to be compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). This includes documentation of your size exemption as a “qualified facility” and various food safety programs. This webinar is intended for small (< $1 million in sales/year) food entrepreneurs and small food businesses, farm market managers, and directors of shared-use kitchens. Extension educators that support these businesses are welcome to attend. This course is offered by Cornell University and made possible through a grant supported by the USDA.

Webinar 2: August 10, 9:00 a.m. – Starting a food business in Wisconsin: keep food safety in mind (What are the licensing requirements for starting a food business in Wisconsin?)
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Barbara Ingham, Food Safety Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, will answer basic questions about types of licenses a food business may need and standards for a food production facility, provide tips on developing food safety plans, and offer hints for locating resources and support so small food entrepreneurs can get their businesses licensed in Wisconsin. This webinar is intended for small food businesses in Wisconsin and facilities and programs that support these entrepreneurs.

Find more resources and ongoing support for licensing/food safety/product development at or call: 608-263-7383; Email – (Barb Ingham, Extension food safety specialist)
• One-on-one support for food businesses with food safety questions.
• Support for small food businesses trying to meet licensing requirements.
• Supporting food businesses in manufacturing safe food under license.
• Resources to assist with product development and production/packaging questions.


Food Safety Resources during the pandemic: Food safety best practices are more important than ever. Below are resources regarding safe practices during the pandemic.

Coronavirus FAQ Series (Michigan State University Extension) includes food safety guidance for farmers markets, food banks, grocery stores, food service establishments, and U-pick farms.

Coronavirus Resources (Food Marketing Institute); Includes suggested business practices, short-term best practices, pandemic preparedness for the food industry.

Tips for Restaurants (ServSafe), available in English and Spanish

Coronavirus Information and Resources for Restaurants (National Restaurant Association)

Wisconsin Restaurant Association Toolkit for food service operators during COVID-19

Toolkit for food service operators In Spanish

Food Production, Processing & Safety Questions related to coronavirus -Cornell University

The Disaster Relief Playbook for Shared and Commercial Kitchens (The Food Corridor)

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

Safe food handling when shopping in stores or using grocery delivery (Michigan State University Extension)

Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)  (US Food & Drug Administration)