Assessment Tools

Community Assessment: Prior to embarking on a new nonprofit initiative, it is important to understand the community. The powerpoint presentation below introduces three tools for doing community assessment: needs assessment, asset mapping, and issues identification.

Dane County Extension_Issue Identification, Needs Assessment, Asset Mapping_4-27-2022

Environmental Assessment for Nonprofit Strategic Planning: Organizations benefit from conducting an environmental assessment in the early stages of strategic planning, or when considering a new initiative, for three main reasons: 1) so as to have a realistic assessment of the environment in which they are operating, 2) to be prepared for success by understanding internal and external factors affecting them, and 3) to engage staff, board members, volunteers, and stakeholders in determining strategy. The powerpoint presentation below discusses the tools of SWOT analysis, SOAR, and Force Field Analysis.

Dane County Extension_Conducting an Environmental Assessment_6-8-2022