Non profit Connect

Virtual Co-learning and Networking Gatherings

Before the world turned upside down, we (Extension Dane County and the Madison Community Foundation) invited you to conversations with peers to hear from you about non-profit capacity building. We listened to representatives from four different sectors talking about how you have built capacity for your organization, and what resources you are in need of. We listened as you shared about your desire to provide training for front line staff and middle management so that these individuals could rise in their skills and position. And we listened when you told us that funders need to provide more funding for capacity building and training.

One recommendation we heard many times is that non-profit leaders benefit from conversations with peers (and, conversely, that non-profit leaders are usually too busy to arrange conversations with peers). In times of profound uncertainty (such as now, with economic shut-down due to the peril of a pandemic!) peer conversations can be even more important.

As a short-term response to our capacity building research initiative, we will be hosting and facilitating virtual co-learning and networking gatherings (a series of peer conversations on the issues you’d most like to discuss). We’ll provide the logistics and the Zoom conference service; you each provide your own coffee. We’ll also invite consultants to provide information and guidance on select topics.

If you are interested in being added to our mailing list (NonProfit Connect) to learn about upcoming co-learning and connection events, please contact Sharon Lezberg at (please indicate that you would like to be added to the NonProfit Connect mailing list).

We look forward to learning from you, and to supporting the good work that you are doing.