Our FoodWIse Youth Nutrition Education Program is funded through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Education grant.  Programming takes place in schools and afterschool programs where 50% or more of the students are eligible to participate in free or reduced school meals.

Nutrition education programming provides hands-on interactive learning activities in schools for children grades K-12. The nutrition education curriculum is designed to help youth gain an understanding of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans through an in-depth look at MyPlate.  Educators also focus on the importance of food safety, especially the benefits of handwashing.

The Dane County Youth Team consists of four  Nutrition Educators who teach in the Madison and Sun Prairie area school districts.  Programs are also offered in Spanish to ESL learners.

Nutrition programming has taken place at the following Dane County sites:

Elementary Schools

Hawthorne                     Sandburg

Lakeview                        Midvale

Leopold                          Orchard Ridge

Lindbergh                       Westside (Sun Prairie)

Falk                                Frank Allis

Glendale                        Schenk

Nuestro Mundo              Lincoln


Other Youth Programming Partners

Madison School and Community Recreation (MSCR)
Afterschool and Summer Programs
Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD)
Dane Co Parent Council Reach Dane Meadowood Community Center
East Madison Community Center Neighborhood House
Peace Network Orchard Ridge After-School