2014 Planned Activities

February 14, 2014

One of the stated goals of the Discovery Farms Program is to increase understanding of agricultural impacts on soil, water and air quality and work toward reducing adverse impacts.  We have been working in the Dry Run Creek Watershed for nearly four years to gain a better understanding of the sources and importance of the types of non-point pollution that impact water quality in the watershed.  In 2014, much of our work will continue to gather data in the watershed such as:

  • Collecting runoff water samples from edge of field sites
  • Gathering crop management information about fields draining to edge of field sites
  • Monitoring river baseflow
  • Conducting Whole Farm Walkovers
  • Evaluating cover crop winter survival and effectiveness

Discovery Farms also anticipates providing several educational meetings and on-farm demonstrations in the upcoming year:

  • Producer meeting to present monitoring site data – February 4
  • Bi-monthly crop report during the growing season
  • Late summer field day
  • Cover crop demonstrations
  • Nutrient use efficiency project

If you would be interested in participating in a demonstration or project, please contact Todd Prill at 715-225-0862.

Written by Todd Prill, Watershed Coordinator  discovery.farms.prill@gmail.com

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