Pushing us Towards and Pulling us Away Factors


What are the forces pushing our Douglas County Community towards Local Food and what are the forces pulling us away from a local food system?

Pushing us Towards:


  • We have the demand
  • Customer loyalty has built an expectation of local food choices
  • Provided many recent documentaries and information on local food in the popular media
  • Community and value system that includes good food.
  • The time is right.
  • Media/outside influence results in increased awareness in our community of quality and flavor, taste.
  • Restaurants draw customers with local food
  • Local pride, community connections, building professional networks, bridges, resiliency
  • Choosing local vendors for distribution
  • Desire for a return to traditional food system



  • Fear for food safety
  • Concerns about our individual food systems being safe
  • Benefits to health options
  • Educated kids and parents on value of “good” food
  • Federal new requirement for healthier school food



  • Niche Market
  • Keeping $ local
  • Partnerships with supply chains
  • Higher income input, higher value market
  • Change in supply…more agile to demand
  • Because it is local, it helps our economy grow
  • Save $ by growing your own


  • Less food waste
  • Food safety in relation in pesticide use
  • Sustainability issues
  • Lack of local grocery chain=increased incentive to garden


Pulling Us Away:


  • Laws do not support local efforts (prevent market)
  • A lower income /educational demographic= lower expectations and where with all to participate
  • Education and knowledge
  • Access
  • Knowledge of where to find local food
  • Convenience- consumer must make multiple stops
  • Eating out. Wish for more attention by restaurants on local food
  • Location of access…no public transport to get to the food, hours that food is available,
  • Lack of understanding or awareness
  • Habits of consumers. Need more education on how to eat locally, seasonally, etc.
  • Lack of diverse people in all conversations about local food and community
  • Lack of leadership , formal and political
  • Lack of outlets
  • Lack of Gardening knowledge


  • Fear by consumers that food is not inspected or safe


  • Supply of local food
  • Seasonality /accessibility
  • Higher costs
  • Fluctuating supply
  • Not enough volume to market
  • Large capital investment
  • Low # of vendors limits expansion
  • Adding SNAP
  • Cost of eating healthy
  • Geography of growers and market spread out
  • Farmers make more $ selling at auction and shipping out of local market
  • Retail: profit margin is narrow
  • Economy of scale
  • Regulations cost $
  • Cost, real or perceived
  • Infrastructure is not very developed.
  • Certifications/rules i.e.-FDA create barriers or restrictions
  • Time is money for both purchasers and sellers


  • Short growing season

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