Food Deserts

According to the USDA, a food desert is:  “a census tract with a substantial share of residents who live in low-income areas that have low levels of access to a grocery store or healthy, affordable food retail outlet”.

What obstacles do low-income residents of Superior face in obtaining healthy, affordable food?

  • “At times money can be a little short so I don’t always buy the healthiest, I go for convenience.”
  • “I only get a little in food stamps. I work but my money goes for bills, I only make minimum wage.”
  • “I see many others have the same problem I do – transportation. I see many families take cabs or push shopping carts.”
  • “Car is broke down and it’s too hard to carry lots of groceries on a city bus let alone having to brave the elements and end up getting really sick.”

The food desert information was researched by UW-Superior students Kyle Bianconi, Kali Kelleher, Roberta Reed and Deborah Augsburger.  Read about the research that impacts our community at Food Desert Handout , CSAS Food Desert handout 2015 and by clicking on the Food Desert maps and poster.

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