Community Connector

What is a Community Connector?

Based on the principles of outreach developed by the Community Toolbox, a Community Connector is a person who works on behalf of the farmers’ market to increase the public knowledge of the SNAP program through directly interacting with SNAP users and community-based organizations and staff serving SNAP users, and through directly connecting the farmers’ market to other organizations in the community.  This strengthens community connections and provides a greater network of knowledge and support for SNAP users to access services needed to support themselves and their families.

Here is a position description we put together that better illuminate the kinds of activities we envision for the Community Connector. You can view and use this template to develop your own description of a Community Connector that fits your needs.

Evaluation Tools

Outreach Log

To keep track of all of the outreach efforts undertaken by the Community Connectors over the market season, outreach logs were used.  These logs detailed not only the location, date, and time of the effort, but captured reflective information as well, including observations about the outreach effort, impressions of success, and the purpose of the visit. Use the following link to access this evaluation tool.

Customer Intercept Survey

To determine whether our outreach efforts had been successful, we partnered with our farmers’ markets to survey FoodShare users who participated in the SNAP program at the farmers’ market.  The questionnaire was single-sided and five questions only, to respect participant time. Questions focused on market use, how participants heard about the program, and what would make participants spread the word to family, friends, or others who they know use SNAP. Use the following link to access this evaluation tool.

Ideas for Outreach-Stakeholder Sheets

In the course of evaluating our project, we discovered that farmers’ markets were connecting with similar partners in their communities to reach FoodShare users. Based on the reflections from our Community Connectors, we developed some “Stakeholder Sheets” for markets to bring to partners to help enhance the connections!