Outreach Program Enhancements

We do have some additional resources that we developed for our market partners.  Some of these resources are more traditional marketing pieces, some are program enhancements for SNAP users who attend farmers’ markets, and others encourage word-of-mouth marketing of the farmers’ market. Descriptions of each piece are listed below, with links to examples of what was developed for our market and community partners:

Credit Card Sleeves

We wanted a way to remind SNAP users to tell their family, friends, or coworkers/colleagues about using SNAP at the farmers’ markets.  We know that word-of-mouth marketing works when individuals are reminded to share their stories! With this sleeve, SNAP users can put their Quest Card (Wisconsin’s EBT card) into the sleeve, and when they use it, they will be reminded to tell others to come to the farmers’ market. Ideally, these users will receive these sleeves at the farmers’ market, so they’ll know the location, time, and place. Or they’ll receive them from a Community Connector, who can give them additional information to find the market.

Side 1

Side 2

Business Card Templates- Market Info

When the sleeves were initially distributed to SNAP users, some markets inserted this business-card sized “flyer” with key information about the market. This was helpful for SNAP users who had never been to a farmers’ market in their community, or for markets or Community Connectors who did not have any additional information with them about the farmers’ market.

Quest Card Sleeve Insert- Market Information 

How-To Posters

This is a pictorial representation of how to use EBT at the farmers’ market.  This is for a central terminal market, meaning there is one location/booth at the farmers’ markets that SNAP users go to to swipe their cards and receive their tokens or paper sweeps to purchase foods. There is a title on the poster, but no other words. This was to address any literacy or language concerns for market users.  We printed these posters in both English and Spanish.

How to use EBT at the Farmers’ Market Poster

Market Totes and Token Purses

The tote and token purse were provided to SNAP users who attended the farmers’ market and used their EBT. It was intended to enhance their shopping experience by providing users with a reusable bag to carry their fresh foods, as well as with a safe pouch to keep EBT tokens or sweeps. The design of the token purse and totes are the same, helping to reinforce the market message, yet contain no identifying information about the EBT program, to help maintain anonymity.

Tote Graphic

Token Purse Graphic