How to Save Gas

According to 2009 data from the Federal Highway Administration, licensed drivers in the U.S. drive an average of 284 miles per week. In 2009, there was 331,506 licensed drivers in Dane County. If each licensed Dane County resident reduced their driving by 10 miles per week, how much gasoline would be saved each year?

A. About 23 gallons per driver
B. Almost 8 million gallons
C. $20 million worth of gasoline
D. Enough gas to fuel almost 12,000 cars for a year

All of the the answers are correct. At the national averages of 22.5 miles per gallon and 14,769 miles driven per year per licensed driver, the typical driver would save 23 gallons per year. However, for Dane County that equates to 7.66 million gallons of gasoline, $20 million (at $2.70 per gallon) and enough gasoline to fuel 11, 761 cars traveling an average of 14,769 miles at 22.5 MPG.

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