Keeping them down on the farm

According to the most recent Census of Agriculture, there were 3,331 farms in Dane County in 2007. The average Dane County farm was 161 acres. Farms less than 500 acres accounted for 93% of all farms in the county and 77 percent were less than 180 acres.

In 2007, almost 63% of all principal farm operators (the person who runs the farm) also worked off the farm. What percentage of the 3,331 Dane County principal farm operators worked off the farm more than 200 days in 2007?

A. 25.5%
B. 33.1%
C. 42.9%
D. 63.0%

C. 42.9%

According to the USDA 2007 Census of Agriculture, 1,428 of the 3,331 principal farm operators in Dane County were employed off the farm more than 200 days throughout the year. This data and other demographic data on farmers is available for every county in the US at:,_Chapter_2_County_Level/Wisconsin/st55_2_046_046.pdf

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