New taxpayers escape to Wisconsin

According to the Internal Revenue Service, 45,283 people filing federal income taxes as Wisconsin residents in 2008 lived and filed their taxes in another state in 2007. Almost 20 percent of these new Wisconsin residents (8,698) lived in Illinois the previous year.

The average Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for all Wisconsin residents filing individual federal income tax returns in 2008 was $53,535. What was the average AGI of the 8,698 Wisconsin residents who lived in and filed their taxes in Illinois in 2007?

A. $32,689
B. $41,943
D. $58,888


According to the IRS, 8,698 people (16,535 including dependents) who filed their federal taxes in Wisconsin in 20089 and Illinois in 2007 had an aggregate AGI of $435.7 million, averaging $50,092 per tax payers.

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