Thank goodness they took after their Mom

This weekend, both of my daughters graduate from UW-Madison. On this special occasion I celebrate their success and reflect back at how times have changed since I attended UW-Madison.

First, I could never get into UW-Madison today with the grades I had in high school, but that’s another story.

Secondly, the summer before I started at UW-Madison, I worked and was able to earn enough to pay tuition for the entire year.

Why can’t kids today seem to accomplish the same thing?

A. Kids today just don’t have the work ethic we had.
B. I was getting paid mega bucks for my summer job.
C. They would have to work 100 hours per week during the summer to earn enough to pay a year’s tuition at UW-Madison
D. They would have to work 20+ hours every week of the year to earn enough to pay a year’s tuition.

C and D.

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