Bedroom Communities II

The U.S. Census reports that only 9 percent of the 16,335 people working in the City of Middleton in 2010 also lived in Middleton.  Similarly, the majority of people working in Fitchburg (91%), Monona (97%), Verona (89%), Sun Prairie (77%), and Waunakee (81%) did not live in the communities where they worked.

What types of jobs are attracting workers to these communities?   In Verona, the information industry accounted for 30 percent of all workers in 2010.  Finance and insurance were the largest employers in Monona (44%). Retail provided the most jobs in Sun Prairie (14%) and manufacturing employed 32 percent of all workers in Waunakee.

Which industry sector provided the most jobs in Middleton in 2010?

A. Retail
B. Lodging and food service
C. Finance and insurance
D. Manufacturing

D. Manufacturing

Manufacturing accounted for 18 percent of all primary jobs in Middleton in 2010. Retail ranked second at 12 percent.

Source: OnTheMap
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