WiscList is moving to Google Groups

Email List Migration LogoOn Jan 18th, 2021, WiscList will be decommissioned and any mail sent to @lists.wisc.edu will be rewritten to @g-groups.wisc.edu. This is the final phase of the WiscList Migration project that began in 2019. The application that runs the WiscList service will soon be decommissioned and our email distribution lists are migrating to Google Groups.

The removal of the  WiscList  service will not impact your ability to receive emails from colleagues who continue to send emails to our WiscLists (anything with a @lists.wisc.edu address). Emails sent to the original @lists.wisc.edu address will continue to be redirected to your new Google Group and you will continue to receive those messages in your Outlook client.

You may want to encourage your colleagues to update your group’s email address in their address book to the Google Group address after the migration is complete.

If you want to see what Lists/Google Groups that you are a member of you can go to https://groups.google.com/my-groups 

More information on Google Groups is available at https://kb.wisc.edu/9812