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Microsoft Teams is a tool for group chat that is included with our Office365 environment. Teams works as a channel of communication that fits between email and Zoom. It is less formal and more real-time than email and it is quicker for short chats than organizing a Zoom meeting. Teams is not a replacement for email or Zoom.
Teams have been created for each Area in response to our new mandate to work remotely. If you identify another group that can benefit from the use of a Team,  let us know and we can get one created for you.


That’s up to each Area. We’re offering a tool, it will be up to AEDs and county-based staff whether they want to leverage it.

If you have a team, please add admin.klg_extension for ETS administrative support and Extension Intranet integration.

MS Teams is offered as part of our UW-Madison Office 365 and the supported campus platform for chat. If Slack is working well for you and is supported by your AED or supervisor, then congratulations and keep being awesome.

Please continue to use your Area WiscList. We included information about the Group email because it’s there and people will stumble onto it anyway. WiscList automatically updates the list for new hires, but O365 Group mailboxes don’t. If anything changes with WiscList, we will let you know.

Please contact the Extension Helpdesk for assistance in determining the right solution for your program needs.

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