Migration to UW Madison Zoom FAQ

Are County support staff and State Specialists going to get UW Madison Zoom accounts?

Yes! All Extension staff including County Support Staff and State Specialists are eligible for Zoom licenses (aka Zoom Pro for Education) accounts in UW Madison’s Zoom instance.

I have a number of scheduled webinars and meetings set for months to come. How will these be affected?

Good news. Nothing will change on the meeting or webinar side. Zoom will automatically move them over for you. The only thing you may encounter is a notification that the meeting is outside of the UW Madison Zoom instance, such as this:
Join External Meeting Warning "You are Joining a an external meeting that does not belong to "uwextension.zoom.us" Are you sure you want to join?"

It took considerable effort to get my County IT department to agree to Zoom. Are there any changes they need to be made aware of?

Extension worked with UW Madison to be able to keep our current security settings as part of our migration. Our security settings continue to maintain or exceed those which we have already shared with our County IT partners. Any questions on this can be directed to Tony Roman – tony.roman@wisc.edu.

Are there any real benefits to Extension for doing this?

Beyond cost savings, Extension will realize some significant benefits over the next few months. UW Madison will be rolling out additional features for Zoom, including larger meeting rooms and larger webinars. We’ll let you know when these are available, and how to request access to these features when they are ready.

How does this change the process for requesting a webinar?

For now, nothing changes. UW Madison has granted Extension access to two webinar licenses so that we can continue to support webinars as we have in the past. Additional webinar access for all UW Madison Zoom users will be rolled out later this year which may provide us with even more options (including 1000 participant webinar options!)

Do I HAVE to use SSO (Single Sign On) Via the UW Madison Portal to login to Zoom?


Will Extension still be offering training on Zoom?

Extension will continue to offer Zoom Training and support our Extension colleagues’ use of Zoom. The only thing that will change is that now we are no longer limited by licenses and cost, and all staff will now have full access to full ‘Pro’ licenses.

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