Migration to UW Madison Zoom Instructions

In September 2020, UW Madison adopted Zoom as a licensed tool for all Staff and Students. Division of Extension, being part of UW Madison is able to take advantage of this, and are moving from our own Zoom instance to UW Madison’s Zoom instance. Extension will have limited administration of our accounts, and as such will be able to maintain the current security levels which have been reviewed by our County IT partners. You should see no difference as to how you run your Zoom meetings or Webinars.

Logging into the UW Madison Zoom Home Page

In a web browser, visit the main Zoom website at https://zoom.us and in the upper right corner, sign out of your Zoom account if you are logged in.
Sign Out of ZoomYou should see the orange button at the top-right if you are signed out of your account.

Sign Up It's Free Button

Visit the UW Madison Zoom site at https://uwmadison.zoom.us
Click on the Sign in button.

UW Madison Zoom Sign In Screen
Log in with your NetID.
UW Madison Net ID Login ScreenOn the next screen, you must select the Switch to New Account option in order to begin the account transfer process.
Zoom Switch to the New Account

The next screen will ask you to finalize your account move. Select I Acknowledge and Switch in order to continue.
 I Acknowledge and Switch

You are almost done! This next screen will let you know to check your email for additional instructions.
Zoom Sent an email to the address you signed in with. Check you inbox and follow instructions.

After a few minutes, you should receive an email from Zoom, with a button asking you to Switch to the new account. Please go ahead and click on that button to continue.

Confirm the requested change to your Zoom Account. Click Switch to the new account button

On this screen, Zoom is making sure that you want to switch. Go ahead and click on I Acknowledge and Switch in order to complete your move to UW Madison’s Zoom.
 I Acknowledge and Switch

When all is done, you should see a confirmation screen informing you that you are now a member of the UW Madison Zoom account.

Your Zoom Account Switch Was Successful

Logging into your UW Madison Zoom account

*You MUST use Single Sign On to log into your UW-Madison Zoom account.*

For instructions on how to log into you UW Madison Zoom account and more, please see the following KB article: https://kb.wisc.edu/zoom/105271#signin

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