Networking is an important goal for any conference.  For our 2018 coordinator conference we have purposefully created opportunities for you to have valuable face to face contact with colleagues from across the nation.  But it doesn’t have to end there! Please use social media to post your thoughts and questions during presentations.  Also, share your comments and conversations that happen outside of the classroom in order to expand the networking opportunity to others you may not know. We hope to use technology to take our ideas outside of the classroom and to the next level.

What is a backchannel?

From Wikipedia

Using a backchannel for educational purposes can function as a formal class activity or even an independent discussion without instructor participation and awareness. Aside from the normal discussion, a backchannel can also be used for note taking, asking questions, offering suggestions on different topics, and sharing resources with other students and faculty members. There are many different media networks out there that can be used as a backchannel. Including Twitter, Facebook, Yammer and Instant Messaging.