Wood Energy Systems and Forest Industry Companies webinar

The Wisconsin State Wood Energy Team is sponsoring a webinar entitled “Wood Energy Systems and Forest Industry Companies – When Are They the Right Fit” on July 26 at 9 AM. The webinar is for any forest products company that produces wood residue and is not marketing it all. The presentations will cover process and thermal application and combined heat and power that produces heat and electrical power. How wood energy can help with residue management along with other advantages. How, whom and what tools are available to look at the feasibility of a project. Some example projects will be highlighted to show how a potential project could benefit your company.

Who should attend?

Any forest products company that produces wood residue (sawmills, furniture makers, etc.), consultants, economic development staff, and forestry agency staff.

Webinar Schedule:      Thursday, July 26, 2018 @ 9 AM CDT / 10 AM EDT

1 hour presentations followed by question and answer period


Tom Wilson, Wilson Engineering Services

Scott Sanford, University of Wisconsin Extension, Rural Energy Program


On-line Registration: (registration required – you won’t receive junk mail by registering):

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4635725033142920963

This webinar is FREE thanks to a grant from the US Forest Service.


Please contact Scott Sanford at 608-262-5062 or sasanford@wisc.edu

Click Here for an event Brochure.

Click Here for a news release.

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