Remember how it felt when your voice was changing? ROFL!!!

By juandesant on Flickr

By juandesant on Flickr

Your teen is changing! They have hair in places you used to change, their voice is cracking, they have pimples…you probably remember going through these same changes! Adjusting to these differences can be tough for your teen. Keep the conversation light and the dialogue open to help your teen cope with these physical changes.

Be an eParent®! Download “Talking Tom Tom Cat” (Android or Apple) and take turns changing your voice with your teen!

Young teens experience physical changes at a rapid pace and different parts of the body often grow at different rates making teens feel and look even more awkward.  How your teen feels and thinks about her changing body can affect how she feels about herself.  If your teen begins comparing herself to others or just does not like the way she looks her self-esteem will most likely take a hit and her confidence may too.  Keep the dialogue open and brainstorm with your teen things he can do to adjust as his body is changing. You may suggest things like shaving the “peach fuzz” above their lip (boys) or under their arms (girls) if it bothers them or taking care of their changing bodies through good nutrition, exercise and not using harmful chemicals such as tobacco. Encourage your child to try new activities such as running a 5K or dusting off the microphone from Rock Band! Your child may discover new talents such as running, rip sticking, singing, or dancing that their “old” bodies weren’t so good at!

You can read about body image, self esteem and teens at Kids Health.

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