Once upon a time . . .

antique-bible-blur-213A little boy and a little-bit older girl sometimes lived with their mom in a yellow house and sometimes lived with their dad in a brick-covered building. Help children connect to others “like them” by introducing your child to stories about children whose parents don’t live together.

Be an eParent®! Load your eReader with library books about children whose parents are separated or add apps like Sesame Street: Divorce to your tablet computer or phone and share with your younger children.

Stories are a powerful tool to learn more about the world and make sense of life experiences. Whether the stories are in a book, on TV, or online, hearing about families who look similar to their own can help children process and think through their feelings about having parents that live in two locations.

Want to learn more about the benefits of stories and storytelling? Read this article on storytelling and preschoolers.

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