“You know the drill.”

clock-deadline-departure-4090As your child (and you!) learn to navigate the new structure of a co-parenting relationship, it is important to provide consistency with routines and clear schedules.

Be an eParent®! Set up a regular time for your child to communicate with his or her other parent – even sending a text message while eating breakfast or before going to bed can be a consistent routine for your child.

One immediate benefit that consistent schedules provide your child an idea of what to expect. This can provide a sense of security for your child as he or she learns new routines. When your child will miss family traditions or celebrations because he or she is with their other parent, consider video recording or photographing the event and sharing the footage with your child the next time you are together. By capturing family experiences for your child, it can help him or her feel a part of the traditions in both households. By having these videos to cherish and also share with other parts of the family, your child is able to connect through shared experiences even during times when not everyone is able to be at the same place at once.

A recent advance in our smartphone capabilities is taking time lapse videos. By placing your phone in one spot where it is able to take action shots at designated intervals, these time lapse apps create a video collage of a scene over time. This could be a fun new skill to learn with your child, and the product, a short video highlighting multiple parts of a family event will be fun to show the other parent and even friends! Read more about how to take these videos here: http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-record-time-lapse-videos-with-your-phone/

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