It takes a village.

android-calling-dialer-3071There are many adults that interact with your child on a daily basis. These other adults are the key to knowing how your child is adjusting and what’s going on. Fostering relationships and keeping communication open with these other adults helps you be prepared and responsive to your child.

Be an eParent®! Create groups and lists of the important adults in your child’s life. Then ask these adults (teachers, coaches, religious leaders, child care providers) to email or text both parents rather than communicating with only one.

As children get older, they strive for more independence. At the same time, however, parental monitoring is necessary for children to feel supported, safe, and loved. Having communication across the many parts of your child’s life can help keep your child safe and keep important adults informed. The Life360 app has a location map to find family members through GPS. 

One way to enhance such communication is to have groups in your email or phone for certain individuals in order to make access to these contacts quicker and easier. For example, create a “group” for your child’s sports coaches or friends that live within walking distance of your house. You can search online for how to create these groups based on the device you use. Some examples include contact groups for iPhone or Android or in Gmail.

Learn more about the University of Wisconsin – Madison/Extension Human Development & Relationships Institute online or on Facebook.

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  1. Well said Anne, Parents must need to consult and approach those adults. Thanks for your detailed article. I will surely suggest this article with the neighbourhood to be an eParent.

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