Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should!

You might know that your tween’s brain is under major construction. But did you know that physical coordination is one of the first skills the brain and body master? As your child’s confidence in her physical abilities grow, she may want to test the boundaries of what she can do.

Be an eParent®! Join your young teen in playing full body videogames on your video game console. Libraries often have a variety of new games to try.

Many videogames start easy but get more complex as your child gains skill. These games are one way for your child’s brain to strengthen the mental connections needed to control physical coordination. Impulse control and assessing risks are some of the last skills an adolescent brain will develop. Because of this, problem solve with your tween about physical challenges – common and uncommon ones! For instance, what might be the consequences of flipping water bottles in public or jumping from heights into a pair of jeans?!?

You may enjoy learning more about how parents can make a difference in tween’s risky behaviors.

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