How is being a parent like being a rock star?

Both parents and rock stars spend endless hours on the road with too many people in the vehicle! Take advantage of this time on the road to have your child (and their friends) and talk about issues that matter, like local politics, current events, or religious differences. Sometimes not being able to make direct eye-contact helps with those difficult conversations.

Be an eParent®! Look up quotes from a famous political, moral, or religious person you respect. While you are on the road, talk about the quotes with your teen and find out whose opinions she respects. Talking about recent news events can help teach teens how to process and interpret world events. Teens are exposed to newsfeeds in traditional, online, and social media so an adult perspective may be welcomed to help decipher what they are already hearing.

By expressing and talking about your personal positions regarding social, political, and moral issues, you are helping your child understand where you stand on certain choices and issues. Due to a spurt of brain growth in the early teen years, adolescents are able to think more abstractly about issues beyond their daily life. Your teen may push against your position and beliefs but if you respectfully share your perspective, it can help your teen understand why you think and act the way you do AND help shape their opinions and actions, too.

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