By Nemo on Pixabay
By Nemo on Pixabay

Technology and digital media are becoming more prevalent and accepted as a normal part of family life. Yet, most parents worry about it interfering with the healthy development of their children (e.g. reduced physical activity, online safety and privacy issues, reduced face-to-face interactions). While these concerns are legitimate, eParenting® focuses instead on 1) the role that digital media has in supporting the developmental tasks of adolescence, and 2) how digital media can be utilized to enhance parenting adolescents.  Digital medias discussed on this website include:

  • Mobile devices (for example, cell phones, tablets, laptop computers)
  • Social media (for example, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram)
  • Gaming (for example, video games, Wii, phone games or apps)
  • Web  (for example, email, website, forums, blogs)

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