Waunakee Village Board weighs guidelines for affordable housing funding

Waunakee Tribune
Feb 27, 2021

“I love that we’re trailblazing,” Trustee Kristin Runge said about the village’s use of the relatively new TIF use. A community development specialist with the UW Extension, Runge helped lead the village’s Housing Task Force. She is working with other communities on housing projects in the Dane County area, she said.


Breaking down the monthly milk check

Wisconsin State Farmer
Feb 24, 2021

With that in mind the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension’s Heart of the Farm-Women in Agriculture coffee chat this month took a look at how to understand the milk check.


Western District of WI leads nation in farm bankruptcies

Feb 10, 2021

“2020 was a rollercoaster for farms,” said Katie Wantoch, the agricultural agent for UW Extension in Dunn County. “We look at the downturn of the impact on agriculture from March through May: the lack of schools buying milk, and the different commodities, and we saw the downturn.


Simple, healthy recipes to stretch your food dollars

The Journal Times
Nov 22, 2020

After listening to several of our food bank and pantry partners in both Racine and Kenosha counties, we identified the need to support pantries by providing simple recipes that use the ingredients food pantries likely have on hand.