The ongoing economic conditions in agriculture are taking a toll on farm families and their rural communities. The associated chronic stress is also impacting mental and physical well-being, relationships, and decision-making. Extension helps farmers, families, businesses, and communities remain resilient by learning how to manage stress and use planning tools to make sound decisions and create a road-map for the future.





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Opportunities for Farming Individuals through the local Workforce Development System

Employment and training services are offered throughout the state of Wisconsin. These services, from resume development to skill training to on-the-job training, are provided through American Job Center system at any one of several Job Centers locate throughout the state. Basic services are provided to any individual searching for new employment. More intensive services require […]

Stress in Agriculture

For the past several years, Wisconsin farmers have faced a growing number of challenges that translate to high stress levels.  As John Shutske, Extension agricultural safety specialist at UW-Madison, puts it, “We’ve had a long-term downturn in crop and milk prices which has hit our dairy sector particularly hard.”  The low prices that have continued […]

Farm Stress & Decision-Making During Challenging Times

Stress is a double-edged sword. A little stress can serve as a constructive motivator, galvanizing us to action. Too much stress, on the other hand, can damage our health compromise safety and sabotage personal relationships. With the arduous and sometimes volatile conditions we see in agriculture, the risk of too much stress is alarming.

scrabble pieces spelling the word vision
Develop a Vision for Yourself and Your Farm

A few questions may help get the discussion started: What are some ideas you are considering for your farm? What are your plans or goals for the near future?  What are more long term goals? Who else have you shared your plans with? Have you shared your plans with family members? Have you shared your […]


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