About Us

The Resilient Farms, Families, Businesses & Communities: Responding to Stress website has been created by a team of UW-Extension and University of Wisconsin-Madison educators and specialists. We hope that you find this collection of resources, available programs, and background information to be useful in helping to mitigate the short and long-term impacts of farm stress. Our team is interested in connecting farmers, agricultural professionals, educators and others interested in farm stress with resources and programs that address issues such as:

  • Stress Management and Wellness
  • Decision Making and Planning for the Future During Times of High Stress
  • Communication Strategies Within Families and Between Farmers and Community Members
  • The Science and Biology of How Stress Affects Brain and Body

If you are in need of additional information, we encourage you to contact your local UW-Extension County Office. Or, if you cannot find the local resources you need or are interested in a larger, state-level or regional approach to farm stress, contact one of the project co-leaders.