2016 State Fair Junior Market Barrow/Market Lamb ID Information

Youth interested in showing Junior Show market barrow or market lambs at the 2016 Wisconsin State Fair will need to get their animal projects DNA/RFID identified through the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) by the respective State Fair eligibility deadlines.  WLIC is coordinating a statewide DNA/RFID identification program for Wisconsin County and State Fairs.  This identification system allows animals which are DNA/RFID identified through the WLIC County Fair program to meet Wisconsin State Fair Identification requirements as long as the process is completed (all forms returned and samples on file) by the respective Wisconsin State Fair identification deadline postmark.

Wisconsin State Fair DNA/RFID identification deadlines (postmark):
Junior Market Lambs: Monday – May 9, 2016
Junior Market Barrows: Monday – May 9, 2016

How do I get my animals identified?:  Request DNA/RFID identification by going to the WLIC website at www.wiid.org.   Click on the text “Learn More” under “DNA Program” (lower left-hand side).  Print out, complete and mail the request form with payment to WLIC.  Make sure you return DNA and required paperwork to WLIC by the Wisconsin State Fair identification postmark deadline listed above.  Tags and paperwork are ONLY available through WLIC.  Wisconsin State Fair no longer processes DNA/RFID identification requests.

How much will DNA/RFID identification cost?:  DNA and RFID tag identification is $10 per animal.  If your animal has an existing 840 RFID ear tag you can purchase a DNA envelope separately for $5.00.  Be sure to list the existing RFID ear tag number on the paperwork and DNA submission.

Will my County DNA/RFID tag qualify for Wisconsin State Fair?:  Wisconsin State Fair will accept all DNA/RFID samples submitted through WLIC by the respective Wisconsin State Fair identification postmark deadline.  Samples for Wisconsin State Fair postmarked after the Wisconsin State Fair identification deadline postmark will NOT be accepted.  Please check the WLIC website (www.wiid.org) to verify which counties are participating in the statewide DNA/RFID identification program.

Do I need to let Wisconsin State Fair know I have my animal DNA/RFID identified?:  DNA/RFID identification paperwork does NOT need to be sent to Wisconsin State Fair.  Wisconsin State Fair will receive eligible market animal identification numbers from WLIC after the Wisconsin State Fair DNA/RFID identification postmark deadline.  Potential exhibitors are required to submit their Fair entries prior to the June 1st (online or paper) entry deadlines by entering directly with Wisconsin State Fair.  DNA/RFID identification is NOT your entry to the Fair.

Do I need to have my Open Show Barrows DNA/RFID identified?:  Barrows being shown in the Wisconsin State Fair Open Swine Barrow Show do NOT need to be DNA/RFID identified.

Questions related to the DNA/RFID identification process contact:  WLIC helpdesk@wiid.org – 888.808.1910
Questions related to Wisconsin State Fair or entry procedures contact:  entryoffice@wistatefair.com or 414.266.7000

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