Market Beef Weigh-in January 5th

All potential steers for the 2019 Fond du Lac County Fair will be weighed in at the Fairgrounds on SATURDAY, January 5th, between 10 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.  Once again, steers will be weighed in the Cow Palace.  Initial weigh-in forms will be available for completion at the actual weigh-in.  Please visit the Fond du Lac County Fair Premium book at for all Fond du Lac County Market Livestock Sale Rules.  Important information and rules that apply to the initial weigh-in are as follows:

  • All steers will be double ear tagged with official Fond du Lac County tags at the time of initial weigh-in. One tag will be the RFID tag and the other tag will be an additional tamper-proof matching tag.  If an animal loses one tag, the MLC needs to be contacted to re-tag the animal.  If an animal loses both tags, the animal will be disqualified from the competition.
  • All steers must be haltered as they are unloaded from trailers to go on the scale. Steers without halters will not be weighed.  Further, things will go much smoother if steers are broke to lead.  You will be expected to help move/lead your steers onto the scales.
  • Upon the time of initial weigh-in, all male animals must be castrated by excisional or banding methods. Crimping will not be allowed.  Animals must be healed and have no physical sign of viable testicles at the initial weigh-in.  If there is any question at the time of initial weigh-in as to if the animal is castrated, the animal will not leave the grounds until it is examined by a veterinary clinic not associated with the exhibitor.  The exhibitor will be responsible for all costs incurred as a result of examination.  Veterinary prognosis is final.
  • There will be NO maximum allowable weight at the time of initial weigh-in. However, recognize over-finished steers at fair time will not be competitive in the show ring.
  • The minimum weight for steers to sell in the Market Livestock Auction will be 1,100 pounds for beef bred, 1,200 pounds for purebred dairy bred, and 1,150 pounds for dairy x dairy crossbred.
  • When purchasing market animals for exhibition and sale, you must obtain a signed and dated receipt of purchase from the seller. The receipt must include any identification information that is available (for example, birth date, ear notch, etc.).  If needed at a later date, the burden of ownership proof will be on the exhibitor and will include an original receipt of purchase.
  • A maximum of 3 steers can be weighed, however, only one can be sold in the market livestock sale. Members can show a beef (purebred or crossbred) steer, a purebred dairy steer, and a dairy x dairy crossbred (2 different dairy breeds crossed)
  • Only one exhibitor name can be associated with a steer EXCEPT in the case of brothers/sisters.

HOME BRED & RAISED: Once again, the Fond du Lac County Fair will be hosting a home bred & raised contest.  Home bred and raised will be a ribbon only class, one champion per species.  To qualify for home bred and raised, the exhibitor or immediate family must have owned the dam (cow, sow, ewe, or doe) of the animal entered at the time of breeding.  The immediate family is defined as a brother, sister, parent/guardian or grandparent.  The home bred and raised animals will be designated on the initial identification form.

FORMS TO COMPLETE: The initial weigh-in form will be available at the initial weigh-in and will be a triplicate form which will serve as an original copy for the Market Livestock Committee and as a copy/receipt for your records.

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